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About Me.

As a kid, I was quite chubby and happy.

I always had a thing for food. Growing up in the Philippines and in the States to a British father and filipina mother, I was so lucky to be put into all the creative classes of my dreams... Ballet, gymnastics, jazz, tap, tae kwon do, piano, ice skating, rhythmic gymnastics, clarinet, horseback riding... I did it all. 


The Contortionist

At age 16, I was a professional ballet dancer, then ran away to be a contortionist in the circus. I even twisted myself on TV to be a winner of a few Guinness World Records and a Semifinalist on Britain's Got Talent. 


The Director

My time on sets got inspired me to be more involved behind the scenes, so I would perform at The Box Soho at night and study in the day. I got a BA 2:1 Honors in film and media from the University of Westminster London. I then produced, cowrote, codirected and worked on a variety of film, opera, and stage productions around Europe, even winning a few independent film festivals with my debut short film.


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The Metaverser

Finally finding my way to the best city on earth, Hamburg, I completed a Master's of Science in Advanced Marketing Management and Creative Technology. Loving art and tech, I founded and was the Metaverse Movement Director at Digital Circus, where I dove into exciting research on mind-blowing motion capture solutions for live performances.

The Strategist

Along the way, I encountered a lot of brilliant and bubbly people bursting with ideas of their own, and wanted to help turn those words into reality. I currently freelance and work with a variety of individuals and startups, where I enjoy working closely with other people to highlight their ideas and passions and present them to the world.


Marco R.

“Leilani is one the most proactive, personable, and clever people I have worked with. I highly recommend her :).”

I thrive on exploring the world and filling it with more beauty and laughter.

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